2017 Predictions

2016 may have been tumultuous, chaotic, disruptive, unpredictable – and more! 2017 may be no different, but here are some trends you can be sure of…..

  • Banished! The happy divide between marketing, advertising and public relations has gone! It’s all about Integrated Communication… Technology spans all boundaries and allows for creativity and productivity across traditional barriers by people in all corners of the world co-creating and collaborating. Collaboration is key!
  • Here to Stay: The Digital Transformation of Public Relations. This is a fact, not a choice!
  • Relevance Rules!! Content is centre stage in most companies. Share existing content but create new content that engages your clients.
  • Gone Forever – Business as Usual: With all the technologies, gadgets and platforms out there, your public relations team can create more, measure more and deliver more value to you. Exciting times!!
  • More Opportunities to Shine! Getting better at identifying occasions that arise in your business when the media should be notified will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Seeing is Believing: Video communication is becoming more important A 30-second film is capable of delivering the same content as a three-page text.

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